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What is E-Wallet

About Rupai White Label

RUPAI. A Digital mobile wallet script & App that lets your users pay each other using just their mobile number. RUPAI Digital wallet app script also allows you to monetize through other means integrates
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Extensive Admin Panel

A thoroughly researched admin panel for every category of business make sure that you control all aspects of what your customers and service providers experience.


Instant Phone 2 Phone

Allow your customers to pay each other on your app with just their phone numbers. Sweet!


Easy secure login

Secure login mechanism, allows two factor authentication everytime you login. Ensures, that the users are who they say they are through Mobile verification


Easily extendable

Easily extend the standalone RUPAI E-Wallet app, with a little bit of customization, you can integrate it with your ecommerce platform or ours for that matter, all happen swift smooth.


Economical and High Quality

Take advantage of a fully white-labelled mobile wallet script, economical and top-notch native iOS/Android app. All this at an incredibly economical price, and no long drawn processes of getting custom software made.


Future ready

Our team is constantly on improvement, and you can expect an even better Nikola as we move forward. The automated car is closer than you think, and our Lab is making sure you have access to this breakthrough technology as and when the legislation and markets are ready for it.

Features list

Wallet to Wallet Transfer

QR Code Scanner

Email Invoice Generation

SMS Invoice Generation

Passbook Entry

Pay to Mobile Number

Pay through QR Code

Payment Send/ Receive Request

Add Beneficiary Details

Peer to Peer Payment System

Recharge Portal




Weekly/Monthly/ Yearly Reports

Android App

iOS app

Why should you use?


Architected for the Future

Digital Payments are becoming a norm in a lot of countries. It's the perfect time for any business to join the revolution.


Monetary Control

In a scenario where you won a marketplace or ecommerce business, when the customer asks for a refund, you'll be able to easily issue refund in the digital payment method. So your users can use the amount to buy anything from your store again.


Technical Specifications

Php powers the backend, MySQL, Powerful API architecture to power the iOS and Android app, Twilio for user Verification, Admin panel to view and control the payment system.


Best For Business

Accepting digital payments gets you ahead of the curve, people are getting used to buying and paying through the internet. This is a perfect time for your business to join the wagon. Miss this, and you'll lose the first advantage.


Can be Integrated With our Scripts

RUPAI can be integrated on custom request with a few of our ecommerce solutions like YOtaxi, Car Rental, PRIME Commerce etc.



Building something of this scale would take almost 4 months, why start from scratch and wait for long, when you can go to the market within a week (Considering the majority of the time it takes at APP store approvals).

"Prevue really gets all of our best work in one Place.
It has let us concentrate on the real work,
and not on the plumbing."
Mike Tyson, VP of Design at Proven Logic

What the Media says?


"As the consumer spending increases, Digital Wallet will become THE platform for downstream financial "

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"Online transactions are more popular and secure than ever before, thanks to advancements in digital payments"

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"Google is working hard at bringing UPI-based services on top of Android - Sundar Pichai, CEO GOOGLE"

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We can make RUPAI talk with our Suite of SCRIPTS

Done as customization, will add a new dimension to your product

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Checkout how we helped a 'PAYWALL' business in Houston secure

$10 Million

in funding with our product


RUPAI is a standalone Digital Wallet software, which means that you can accept payments from your customers and Save it under their account. - So the users can add money to the digital wallet through Paypal and Stripe and buy anytime. (We can also add custom methods to the payment)
- Pay can pay each other once they signup with their verified mobile numbers and if you integrate it with your ecommerce software, they can purchase using the wallet on your store.
- Make it easier to issue refunds
- Easy to integrate into any App or service you already own, ofcourse with customization. You don't have to build one separately.
- Saves you a lot of time and money.
- Some example: PayPal, Square, Google Wallet, Paytm are some of the examples.

With the Boom in the ecommerce segment, Many businesses are adopting the Wallet strategy as an integral part of their planning.

You can even go ahead and implement a BOT. Read this article

Just like how you buy a script from us. You'll own the script, you will have complete control of your copy of the platform. - When a person signs up on the platform, they create an account on your copy of the platform alone. It will not be shared with other users.
- If you'd like us to integrate the payment wallet platform into one of our scripts for you,
please get in touch with us at: [email protected]